A weekend guide to Shiraz, Iran

Vakil Mosque, Shiraz

I went to Shiraz as a teenager with my family but even then, the city’s chill vibes got to me. Back then, we didn’t explore all the gems of the city so I was excited to go back, this time with a camera and my friend Caroline! And so, we spent a long weekend exploring Shiraz’s tiled mosques, wandering through beautiful scenery, and eating delicious food. Shiraz has recently been gaining popularity on social media, so the city ranked very high on our list. It’s an absolute must-do in any Iran itinerary, and can easily be explored in 3 days. Although I’d recommend 4, so you can also add in a day trip to Persepolis and ancient Persian sites. Keep reading for my Shiraz travel guide, which covers some of the best activities that Shiraz has to offer…

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My trip was planned and organized in collaboration with Termeh travel