The 15 best things to do in the Faroe Islands

Faroe Islands

Nestled within the embrace of the North Atlantic Ocean, the Faroe Islands stand as a testament to nature’s artistry, where emerald-green landscapes meet rugged cliffs, and tradition dances with modernity. As a traveler, stepping onto this remote archipelago feels like uncovering a well-kept secret, where each vista, each story, and each adventure unravels a tapestry of unparalleled beauty and cultural richness. In this guide, we unveil the very essence of the Faroe Islands, revealing the most captivating experiences that define this picturesque destination. From heart-stirring hikes to cultural immersions and encounters with untamed nature, join me in discovering the best things to do in the Faroe Islands and embracing the untamed splendor of this hidden gem.

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Be charmed by the beauty of Gásadalur and Múlafossur Waterfall

Gasadalur Faroe Islands

Located in a remote corner of Vágar, Gásadalur is a picturesque village that seems plucked from a storybook, with its modest population and stunning vistas. However, its most renowned jewel is the awe-inspiring Múlafossur Waterfall. This natural wonder, reminiscent of a cascading veil, captivates visitors as it gracefully tumbles off the cliffs, plunging into the restless sea below. The trek to this site, surrounded by the island’s verdant beauty, offers a sense of adventure and tranquility in equal measure. As the waterfall harmoniously mingles with the horizon, the view from Gásadalur provides an otherworldly perspective, beckoning travelers to witness nature’s breathtaking artistry at its finest. Whether captivated by the roar of the falls or by the untouched beauty of the village, Gásadalur and Múlafossur weave a story of untouched splendor, making this corner of the Faroe Islands an indelible part of any traveler’s experience.

Hike to the most breathtaking spots

Hiking in the Faroe Islands is an adventure through landscapes that stir the soul. The archipelago offers a tapestry of trails that wind through dramatic cliffs, verdant valleys, and awe-inspiring coastlines. Each hike presents a unique immersion into the raw, untamed beauty of these remote isles, inviting explorers to witness cascading waterfalls, picturesque villages, and panoramic views of the North Atlantic. Here I have listed the best hikes of the country

The absolute must-do of the Faroe Islands: the amazing Lake of Sørvágsvatn

Embark on an extraordinary trek to witness one of the Faroe Islands’ most surreal natural phenomena—the illusionary Lake Sørvágsvatn. This hike, a testament to the island’s enchanting landscape, unveils a captivating optical illusion where the lake seemingly floats high above the ocean, teasing the perception and imagination. The moderately challenging hike, approximately a 3 to 4-hour round trip, rewards hikers with mesmerizing vistas and the chance to witness this optical wonder that’s as mesmerizing as it is baffling.

To partake in this adventure, visitors are required to pay a fee of 200 DKK per person, which includes access to the trail and ensures the preservation and maintenance of the hiking routes. Despite the nominal fee, the spectacle of Lake Sørvágsvatn, with its gravity-defying allure, remains a priceless experience, etching unforgettable memories in the hearts of all who venture to witness this natural marvel.

Lake of Sørvágsvatn aerial shot

Hike to the jawdropping Dunnesdrangar

The Dunnesdrangar hike presents an immersive journey into the untamed landscapes of the Faroe Islands. Located on the captivating island of Vágar, this trail leads adventurers through a mesmerizing terrain that showcases the sheer, raw beauty of the archipelago. The hike, though moderate in difficulty, unravels breathtaking vistas as hikers traverse the rugged paths, revealing panoramic views of the surrounding cliffs, the vast expanse of the Atlantic Ocean, and the iconic sea stacks rising proudly from the tumultuous waters. This lesser-explored trail offers a serene escape into the heart of nature’s grandeur, captivating all who venture into its embrace with the untouched splendor that defines the Faroe Islands.

Hike to the most incredible sea stacks: Drangarnir

Drangarnir hike

The hike to Drangarnir in the Faroe Islands is an extraordinary odyssey, inviting adventurers into the heart of nature’s marvels. This trail is an exhilarating experience, weaving through dramatic landscapes and steep cliffs. As hikers traverse the rugged terrain, they’re rewarded with awe-inspiring views of the breathtaking sea stacks of Drangarnir rising proudly from the tumultuous North Atlantic. The trek, though challenging, offers an unmatched vantage point that unveils the true essence of the Faroes—an untamed, breathtaking beauty that captivates all who dare to venture to this remote and astounding destination. Drangarnir’s magnetic presence and the exhilaration of conquering its trail make this hike an unforgettable journey, etching indelible memories of the untouched splendor of the Faroe Islands.

Hike to the end of the world: Ásmundarstakkur

The Ásmundarstakkur hike in the Faroe Islands is a hidden gem, inviting explorers to witness a slice of pure wilderness. Located on Suðuroy Island this lesser-known trail offers a unique perspective of the archipelago’s rugged charm. As hikers traverse the path, they’re embraced by a pristine landscape featuring rolling hills, vast meadows, and the signature dramatic cliffs of the Faroe Islands. While this hike is a moderately challenging ascent, the reward at the summit is truly unparalleled. From the top of Ásmundarstakkur, adventurers are treated to a mesmerizing panorama, gazing out over the sprawling ocean and the enchanting surrounding islands. This hidden marvel’s tranquility and its immersive communion with nature make the Ásmundarstakkur hike an unforgettable and enriching experience for those seeking a deeper connection with the untouched beauty of the Faroes.

Follow the path to Hvíthamar

Faroe Islands view

The Hvíthamar hike presents a mesmerizing opportunity to traverse the unspoiled landscapes of the Faroe Islands. Nestled on Eysturoy, this trail guides hikers through a terrain brimming with natural wonders, from lush meadows to rugged cliffs. While moderately challenging, the trek rewards adventurers with sweeping vistas of the majestic landscapes and the vast expanse of the Atlantic Ocean. As hikers navigate the path, a serene ambiance coupled with the symphony of nature envelopes them, offering moments for reflection and connection with the untouched beauty of these remote isles. Upon reaching Hvíthamar’s summit, travelers are greeted with a panoramic view that encapsulates the untamed allure of the Faroe Islands, making this hike an unforgettable journey through the pristine natural landscapes of this captivating archipelago.

Wander in Klaksvík

Nestled within the captivating Northern Isles, Klaksvík stands as a bustling hub of culture, commerce, and natural splendor in the Faroe Islands. This vibrant town, embraced by a backdrop of stunning landscapes and coastal allure, invites visitors to immerse themselves in a fusion of tradition and modernity. Known as the second-largest town in the archipelago, Klaksvík exudes an inviting charm, offering a diverse tapestry of experiences. Wander through its winding streets to discover cultural treasures, from historic sites like Christianskirkjan Church to the modern art displays at the Listaskálin (The Art Museum). Indulge in the local culinary scene, savoring freshly caught seafood while enjoying panoramic views of the surrounding fjords. For adventurers, Klaksvík serves as an ideal gateway to explore the neighboring isles or embark on invigorating hikes along the nearby mountains, providing a glimpse into the untamed beauty and warm hospitality that define this captivating town.

Hop on a boat tour

Boat tours in the Faroe Islands are a thrilling and immersive way to explore the archipelago’s dramatic coastline, remote islands, and abundant marine life. Whether you’re seeking the heart-pounding adventure of traversing sea caves beneath towering cliffs or the peaceful serenity of cruising in the North Atlantic, these tours offer an extraordinary perspective of the Faroe Islands’ unspoiled natural beauty. Highlights often include trips to the Vestmanna Sea Cliffs, a journey through deep gorges and caves, and excursions to remote bird nesting sites, where you can witness puffins and other seabirds in their natural habitat. Many boat tours are led by knowledgeable guides who share insights into the region’s history, culture, and the intricate ecosystems that thrive in these waters. For travelers, these boat tours provide unforgettable memories and a deeper understanding of the Faroe Islands’ maritime heritage and breathtaking coastal landscapes.

Book a Helicopter ride with Atlantic Airways

Helicopter Faroe Islands

Embarking on a helicopter ride with Atlantic Airways in the Faroe Islands is an unparalleled adventure that unveils the archipelago’s stunning landscapes from an aerial perspective. These aerial journeys provide a unique opportunity to witness the dramatic beauty of the Faroes, soaring above rugged cliffs, cascading waterfalls, and emerald-green landscapes. Atlantic Airways’ helicopter tours offer a bird’s-eye view of the remote and inaccessible regions, granting travelers a mesmerizing experience of the islands’ raw and untamed splendor. With highly experienced pilots at the helm, safety and comfort are ensured, allowing passengers to immerse themselves in the breathtaking panoramas that define this remote corner of the world. Whether it’s a scenic flight to the awe-inspiring Mykines or a tour over the picturesque fjords, a helicopter ride with Atlantic Airways promises an unforgettable and unparalleled perspective of the Faroe Islands’ majestic beauty.

Check out Atlantic Airways website for more information.

Drive to Viðareiði

Viðareiði church

Nestled in the northern reaches of the Faroe Islands, Viðareiði emerges as a serene haven of rugged beauty and tranquil seclusion. This picturesque village, proudly standing as the northernmost settlement in the archipelago, is a testament to the Faroese spirit and the raw allure of nature. Surrounded by dramatic cliffs and the expansive North Atlantic, Viðareiði invites visitors to explore its unspoiled landscapes and immerse themselves in a genuine Faroese way of life. Hiking enthusiasts will revel in the opportunity to conquer the towering peaks of Villingadalsfjall and Malinsfjall, offering unparalleled panoramic views of the surrounding seascape. The iconic Viðareiði Church, perched against a backdrop of steep cliffs, provides a moment of reflection and an opportunity to witness the harmonious blend of architecture and nature. As the windswept beauty and untouched tranquility embrace visitors, Viðareiði stands as a testament to the Faroe Islands’ unassuming magnificence, a destination where nature’s grandeur and cultural authenticity seamlessly converge.

Take it slow in Tjørnuvík

Venturing to Tjørnuvík unveils a treasure trove of captivating experiences in the Faroe Islands. This serene village, known for its rich folklore and awe-inspiring landscapes, offers a myriad of attractions for intrepid travelers. Start your exploration by immersing yourself in the mythical ambiance at the black sands of Tjørnuvík Beach, where the iconic basalt sea stacks, Risin and Kellingin, frame the shore, evoking ancient legends. Capture the dramatic scenery with a hike to the towering peak of Slættaratindur, the highest summit in the Faroe Islands, which begins its journey from this enchanting village. Additionally, for the adventurous spirits, Tjørnuvík stands as a premier surfing spot in these remote isles. Experienced surfers are drawn to its powerful, unobstructed swells rolling in from the open North Atlantic, offering a thrilling and challenging experience amidst the raw beauty of the Faroe coast. Tjørnuvík, with its tales of folklore, panoramic landscapes, and the adrenaline rush of surfing, beckons explorers to partake in an unforgettable journey through the heart of the Faroe Islands.

Admire Fossá Waterfall

Visiting the majestic Fossá Waterfall is a must for anyone exploring the Faroe Islands. Cascading dramatically from a height of approximately 140 meters (459 feet), it stands proudly as the tallest waterfall in these remote isles. Nestled alongside the road on the picturesque Streymoy Island, the grandeur of Fossá Waterfall awaits with remarkable accessibility. Its convenient roadside location offers a breathtaking view, captivating those passing by and beckoning them to witness nature’s spectacle. Visitors revel in the raw power and serene beauty of the cascading waters as they stand close to the edge of the road, enveloped by the thundering resonance and misty veil. This proximity allows for a seamless connection between the traveler and the untamed magnificence of the Faroe Islands, offering a compelling and easily accessible natural wonder that leaves an indelible mark on every observer.

Sail to Kalsoy island

Kalsoy Faroe Islands

Venturing to Kalsoy Island is an escapade into Faroese beauty, offering both stunning hikes and captivating sights. To reach this remote gem, visitors can embark on a scenic ferry ride from Klaksvík, a journey that not only serves as transportation but also as an introduction to the striking landscapes that await. Upon arrival, the island boasts several hiking trails, the most notable being the iconic hike to Kallur Lighthouse. This trail meanders through breathtaking cliffs and picturesque landscapes, culminating in the awe-inspiring vista of the lighthouse standing proudly at the edge of the world, overlooking the vast North Atlantic. For those with an appetite for exploration, other trails, like the one leading to Trøllanes, offer a glimpse into the local way of life and stunning panoramas.

The journey typically costs around 90-120 DKK for a round trip. The ferry timetable and essential details can be found on the official website of the Strandfaraskip Landsins.

Walk around Gjógv

Venturing to Gjógv is an invitation to experience the untamed beauty and tranquility of the Faroe Islands. Tucked away on the northeastern coast of Eysturoy, this charming village boasts a captivating blend of stunning landscapes and rich cultural heritage. Visitors are greeted by the iconic gorge, after which the village is named, offering a picturesque setting for exploration and adventure. The idyllic harbor, surrounded by dramatic cliffs and the North Atlantic’s vast expanse, provides a serene backdrop for relaxation and contemplation. For hikers and nature enthusiasts, the cliffs around Gjógv provide excellent trails with panoramic views of the ocean, while the sea-filled gorge itself invites contemplative walks and stunning photo opportunities. Imbued with a sense of tradition and warmth, Gjógv allows travelers to connect with the local community and relish the tranquil yet captivating essence of the Faroe Islands.

Stop at Norðradalsskarð viewpoint

Norðradalsskarð viewpoint

Norðradalsskarð, a breathtaking mountain pass nestled on the Faroese island of Streymoy, offers an exhilarating journey into the heart of the archipelago’s rugged beauty. As visitors traverse this iconic pass, they are treated to panoramic views of the surrounding landscapes, a mesmerizing tapestry of verdant slopes and deep blue waters that seem to stretch endlessly into the horizon. The road leading through Norðradalsskarð winds along steep cliffs, presenting a thrilling yet awe-inspiring drive for those exploring the islands. For hikers and adventurers, the area is a gateway to invigorating trails, leading to scenic viewpoints that overlook the stunning fjords and the raw, untamed grandeur of the Faroese countryside. Norðradalsskarð is a testament to the Faroe Islands’ unassuming magnificence, captivating all who venture through its winding paths with its sheer natural splendor.

Talk to the locals

Connecting with locals in the Faroe Islands is an enriching and authentic experience, offering a glimpse into the heart and soul of this remarkable archipelago. Faroese culture is deeply rooted in tradition and a strong sense of community, making it a welcoming and immersive environment for visitors eager to delve into local customs. Engaging with locals might involve joining in traditional celebrations like Ólavsøka, where Faroese heritage is on vivid display through music, dance, and traditional attire. Embracing the warmth of a homely guesthouse or dining in a local eatery provides opportunities for candid conversations, exchanging stories, and learning about age-old traditions. Whether it’s participating in a knitting circle to learn about the craftsmanship behind Faroese woolens or simply conversing with villagers in one of the charming towns, these connections offer a deeper understanding of the Faroe Islands’ rich heritage and the warmth of its people.

Take a stroll in the Historic Streets of Tinganes, the old town of Tórshavn

Wandering the historic streets of Tinganes in Tórshavn is a captivating journey through the heart of Faroese history. The cobbled pathways and iconic turf-roofed buildings offer a glimpse into the rich heritage of the capital city and the archipelago. Tinganes stands as the oldest part of Tórshavn, with a legacy dating back to the Viking Age. The distinctive architecture, painted in vibrant hues, reflects centuries of tradition and community life. As visitors meander through these streets, they encounter the remnants of Faroese governance, including the Løgting, one of the oldest parliamentary meeting places in the world. This area served as the political center, fostering the growth of a proud and independent nation. The Faroe Islands, known for their resilience and self-governance, have a history intertwined with both Norse heritage and Danish influence. Exploring Tinganes is a captivating window into this complex tapestry, unveiling the endurance and cultural identity that have shaped the Faroese spirit throughout the ages.

Make a stop in Bøur

Bøur, a picturesque village on the western coast of Vágar Island, serves as a delightful pit stop on the way to Gásadalur, offering travelers an enchanting glimpse of Faroese charm. Its idyllic setting against the backdrop of the Tindhólmur and Mykines islands presents a postcard-worthy scene that’s almost surreal. The colorful houses, typical of Faroese architecture, add to the village’s allure, creating a serene and charming atmosphere. Visitors often pause here to admire the breathtaking views of the islets and the vast expanse of the Atlantic Ocean. This short detour allows for a brief but unforgettable moment to appreciate the essence of the Faroe Islands – a serene, timeless beauty captured in a small village setting. The proximity of Bøur to Gásadalur makes it a perfect prelude to the awe-inspiring natural wonders awaiting travelers at the nearby waterfall, offering a taste of the Faroe Islands’ unmatched serenity and beauty.

Watch the puffins

Puffins Faroe Islands

Observing the delightful puffins in the Faroe Islands is a seasonal delight that unveils their charming presence in their natural habitats. Typically, these vibrant seabirds arrive in the Faroe Islands around late April to early May, nesting in the steep cliffs and grassy slopes across various locations, notably in Mykines, Skúvoy, and Lítla Dímun. The period from May to August marks the peak season for puffin sightings, offering a chance to witness their playful antics and distinctive appearance up close. As these charismatic creatures nest in burrows along the cliffs, it’s essential to admire them responsibly, maintaining a respectful distance and refraining from disturbing their habitats. Their safety and the preservation of their environment are paramount, ensuring an unobtrusive yet fulfilling experience for both visitors and the puffins. By adhering to guidelines and respecting nature’s balance, visitors can savor the beauty of these gorgeous birds while safeguarding their nesting sites and the surrounding ecosystem.

Where to stay in the Faroe Islands

When it comes to accommodations in the Faroe Islands, a range of options caters to diverse preferences, from traditional guesthouses to modern hotels, ensuring a comfortable stay amidst the stunning landscapes.

  • Hotel Føroyar: Perched on a hillside overlooking Tórshavn, this contemporary hotel offers panoramic views and a tranquil setting.
  • Hilton Garden Inn Faroe Islands: Located in Tórshavn, this hotel offers modern comforts amidst the breathtaking landscapes of the archipelago, and their restaurant is one of the best of the Faroe Islands.
  • Hotel Hafnia: Situated in the heart of Tórshavn, this stylish hotel provides easy access to the city’s attractions and a cozy ambiance.
  • Havgrim Seaside Hotel 1948: this hotel blends historic charm with coastal elegance in the heart of Tórshavn.
  • Hotel Brandan: This hotel offers a contemporary stay with stunning views in the heart of the Faroese capital, Tórshavn.

For a more personalized experience, Airbnb rentals offer a chance to live like a local, like in this farm located in Æðuvík. From traditional Faroese cottages to modern apartments, Airbnb accommodations provide a unique opportunity to immerse oneself in the culture and daily life of the Faroe Islands. Whether nestled in the heart of Tórshavn or offering remote tranquility in the countryside, Airbnb rentals cater to various preferences, adding a touch of authenticity to your Faroese experience.


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