What to wear in Paris in Summer – a complete guide from your friendly Parisian girlie!

what to wear in Paris in summer
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Ah, Paris in the summer – a dreamy and enchanting destination that effortlessly blends history, art, and romance. As the sun graces the City of Light with its warm embrace, the cobbled streets come alive, and the boulevards beckon fashion enthusiasts from around the world. For the fashion-conscious globetrotter preparing to embark on a Parisian summer adventure, the question arises: What to wear in Paris in summer to perfectly capture the essence of this chic and stylish city?

In this fashion-forward guide, we’ll curate a delightful selection of wardrobe essentials that seamlessly fuse comfort, elegance, and a touch of Parisian flair. From strolling along the Seine to sipping café au lait at charming sidewalk cafes, we’ll ensure you’re dressed to impress for every picturesque moment you encounter in this city of everlasting allure.

Parisian summers are a delightful paradox of warm days and cool evenings, and the fashion capital embraces this unique climate with grace and sophistication. Whether you’re indulging in haute couture shopping along Avenue Montaigne, exploring the magnificent Louvre, or simply losing yourself amidst the cobblestone charm of Le Marais, our carefully curated top picks will keep you looking effortlessly chic and feeling comfortable throughout your Parisian escapade.

So, dear fashionistas and jet-setting adventurers, join us as we dive into the world of fashion and unveil the secrets to assembling an impeccable summer wardrobe for your Parisian sojourn. From classic essentials to trendy statement pieces, we’ll help you craft a sartorial story that captures the essence of Paris and leaves you with memories to cherish for a lifetime. Let’s embark on this style journey together, and discover the magic that lies in dressing fashionably under the Parisian sun.

Check out my favorite outfits from Revolve to wear in Paris in summer here.

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10 Best Places to see the Cherry Blossoms in Paris

Cherry Blossoms in Paris
Cherry blossoms in Paris

Did you say Cherry Blossoms in Paris? Yes! Everyone knows about Japan, but Paris is also one of the best places for cherry blossoms. You can find these gorgeous pink blooms all over the city, but also at Paris’ main landmarks, making the city of love even more romantic and beautiful.

As someone who’s lived in Paris her entire life, it has become a tradition of mine to chase the cherry blossoms every April. During that month, the weather gets sunnier, and strolling around surrounded by these lovely flowers, is a real pleasure.

Cherry blossoms in Paris usually start blooming at the beginning of April and end in mid-April. However, it (obviously) depends on the past winter’s weather and it can vary from year to year: they might bloom later in April if winter was too cold.

If you are planning a trip to Paris during springtime, use this guide to find the best places to see the city’s cherry blossoms.

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Spring in Paris – Best Places To See the Blooms

Between March and May, the City of Love bursts into a blooming dream! Spending spring in Paris is an experience you will not forget! You will find blossoming trees everywhere, and of different varieties. The whole city vibrates with new-found excitement. The longer and sunnier daytime will allow you to enjoy all the blooming beauties Paris has to offer. Here I listed for you the best spots, and the best time to check them out!

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Christmas time in fairytale Paris – best Instagram spots

 It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Paris is a lovely place to enjoy the festive season! There are many nice decorated spots and some beautiful Christmas trees! If you’re looking for perfect christmassy pictures, this is the right blogpost for you! In other words, I’ve listed all the places you can enjoy during the most beautiful time of the year in the capital of lights and love! And probably take some Instagram worthy shots!

Galeries Lafayette

Every year, a giant tree is erected in the very heart of the Galeries Lafayette’s central court. Standing high above all shoppers, it shines against a dazzling backdrop erected in Art Nouveau architecture! This tree is a sight to behold in itself and makes any stroll in the iconic department store well worth it. Only if you’re not afraid of crowds!

Galeries Lafayette 2017

Christmas 2017



At the end of June, I travelled to the region of Provence with Marina (@marichankobe) and Ophélie (@labengale) for a crazy weekend in the lavender fields. I had the best time of my life! It was my first time in this part of France, and I instantly fell in love! This post is full of information and some of my favorite pictures ever! So if you’re planning or dreaming of a trip to Provence, keep reading, I’m giving you our whole itinerary!

Lavender fields in Valensole

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